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We are a small family owned business based in North Texas. The inspiration for our activated charcoal air purifying bags came from the desire to create a safe, healthy environment for our children, Colin and Bella.

In this day and age, the use of chemicals in homes is more prominent than ever. We have found, more often than not, that people are unaware of just how many toxic chemicals they encounter in their everyday life, let alone their own homes. The truth of the matter is that even that “new car” smell we’ve all learned to appreciate is a concoction of chemicals. Did you know that not only can you buy a “fresh” or “mountain air” scented air freshener for your car, but a “new car” scent is also available? How would that be possible if it wasn’t a man-made smell?

We don’t always have a choice where we live, but decreasing the odors, allergens and chemicals we breathe makes everyday living remarkably more healthy and enjoyable. Anything you can smell in a space is literally a physical particle in the air. Air “fresheners” are chemicals that simply mask other chemicals, toxins or odors so you don’t smell them. Believe it or not, in most cases, these products are more toxic than the odors they are covering up.

The use of activated charcoal to purify the air indoors is a simple and natural method that has been used for thousands of years. It’s not something you turn on and off. Colin & Bella air purifying bags are linen pouches filled with activated charcoal. You leave them in whatever space you’re trying to freshen and the purifying process begins to continuously filter the air. They’re unscented and naturally absorb moisture, particles and odors from the space. 

We have found activated charcoal to be an incredibly effective and safe way to make a cleaner, more enjoyable environment for our family and friends. Now we’re sharing it with you.


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Odors, Excess Moisture, Toxins

Colin & Bella natural activated charcoal air purifying bags absorb moisture while helping to reduce odors, toxins, chemicals, allergens and bacteria. These safe, fragrance-free bags can be used anywhere in your home, car and office to help create a cleaner, fresher space.  Our bags last for two years. Just leave them in the sun for 1-2 hours each month and they’re re-charged and ready to freshen up your life! 


Just set our medium size bag for fridges and freezers on a shelf in the main part of the fridge or freezer to absorb the moisture that can spoil food.


Hang the air purifying bag from the towel bar or set it on a ledge or counter where it won’t get wet.


Put a purifier on the floor next to the cat litter box to help filter any unwanted smells. Keep one in the indoor space where your pet sleeps to keep the air fresh.


For normal use, leave the small bags in your shoes overnight and let them help absorb the moisture and odor from your shoes. If you have old shoes that have built up odors over time, leave the bags in for a few days before you wear the shoes, then put the bags back in when you take them off.


Put a large bag or two under the seats, in a side pocket or right on the dash. You can also put one in the trunk if you need to handle musty odors or moisture.


Leave the purifier on a counter that will not get wet or hang it in the main kitchen area.


When you’re done exercising, remove the clothes from your gym bag and leave it open with a Colin & Bella air purifier inside. Keep your purifier in a ziplock or different section of your gym bag when carrying wet clothes.


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